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released January 3, 2013



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CONTORTION Riverside, California

“Brutal, hard hitting, intense, and evocative!” This is the band that brings an honest message and ‘Heavy’ back to Heavy Metal.
The collective energies that make up this unique act joined in the heart of Southern California in the winter of 2011. Since then they have released two pulse pounding/heart stopping CDs, that hold their own in any given metal genre.

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Track Name: Idiot Box
Idiot Box

Drama fixed on the TV screen
Mindless fucks give you what you don’t need
A wealth of knowledge that’s gone untapped
Media has kept you subservient

Take back your lives
Or die trying.

News parcels filled with garbage and rot
A story told by the biased and bought
A fake world seen in the eye of the lens
Swallow their bullshit and then nobody wins

Take back your lives
Or die trying.

This world is full of lies and deceit,
Probably more than you’d like to believe.
The writings on the wall, not your tv,
It entertainment, it’s not reality…

Beginning of the new age,
The mission statement… Segregate, and separate
You only hear what you want to believe
You’re disillusioned, and taught how to behave

Turned… against… each-other

I’ll die trying!!!!
You only hear what you want to believe
Track Name: Retaliation

Now I’ve come back seeking vengeance.
No doubt my wrath will be relentless.
Come back destroying masses,
Watch as the world collapses.

Of absolution, I’ve seen absolutely none
Sowing the seeds of my retaliation
Tearing at deprivation
Sowing the seeds of my retaliation

Hold fast the time approaches,
Abandon all your hope and,
Face down to die unyielding.
You’re left behind still bleeding.

Of absolution, I’ve seen absolutely none
Sowing the seeds of my retaliation
Tearing at deprivation
Sowing the seeds of my retaliation

Revenge… is at hand…

Silent screams, fill my dreams,
As I empty this clip in your skull

Breathless fading life
One step at a time
Watching as you die
Vengeance not denied

Desperate dance, one last chance,
You’ll never take me alive

Breath is failing
Death is waiting
Never ending
I’m descending
Back to kill you, mother fucker.
Track Name: Dreaming Alone
Dreaming Alone

Abandon all hope, because you’re being enslaved.
No will to fight, because you’re fucking deranged.
This house of cards was always destined to fall.
Live together die alone, because you’re losing it all

A turn of the screw, a turn of events….

Sinking your teeth into a live grenade
You’re all fucking enslaved.
But I’m not sticking around
This is the movement.

And I’ve been dreaming alone….
But I’d be better off dead
Then stand by what you believe
You’ve all been blinded.

I’ve seen you suffer the loss; and there is no way to win.
A glass house and stones combined, and now it’s caving in.
A catastrophic endeavor lies, beyond your fingertips.
Nothing taken from you by force, yet you were adamant.
Track Name: Coward

In this condition, there’s no chance for redemption….

I gave an inch, you took a mile
Back stabbing fuck, live in denial

I’ve seen a sickening side of you,
And in absolution I’ve grown to deny my needs.
There is no saving grace,
There’s just another impossible feat that you will never amount to.

Eradication, of my frustrations
You’re sinking low, and now I know…

You never gave a fuck
And now what’s boiling to the surface is unveiling the lies.
There’s no repenting now
You’re nothing more than just a coward when you shed your disguise.

You’re… just… a fucking… coward!!!!